As more and more brides-to-be look for something a little bit different, perhaps the vintage look, perhaps just something a little different from the traditional long veil, many are turning to the latest trend – the bridal birdcage veil.

Birdcage veils are a classy, sophisticated option that are growing in popularity across the globe. So why are they so popular?  Part of their charm is the fact that they work with so many styles of dress.

The detail of lace wedding dresses can sometimes be overpowered by a traditional long veil so a bridal birdcage veil is the perfect option to provide a simple option which is still elegant and pretty, without taking away from the lace of the dress.  Silk wedding dresses and mermaid style dresses are often chosen by brides looking for a simple, elegant look without too much frill or size – again a bridal birdcage veil can work perfectly with this style of dress, emphasising the overall clean, slim, shape of the look whilst providing a touch of glamour.  For brides to be who chose a wedding dress with a long train, it can be difficult to find a veil whose length works for the dress and even when the correct length of traditional bridal veil can be found, it’s cost is often a deterrent. A bridal birdcage veil can resolve this by finishing off the look whilst allowing for the focus to remain on the rest of the dress.

To re-create the fifties glamour, captured by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Bridgette Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, a bridal bridcage veil is the key.  Accesorize further with gorgeous pearls and a faux fur stole or lace bolero and you will look a million dollars.

So what are the options? The first choice is colour. Wedding birdcage veils come in a variety of colours – for brides most often in white or ivory/champagne, so once you have chosen your wedding dress this choice should not be too difficult. Remember that as the birdcage veil will not actually be touching the dress (unlike a traditional veil), slight differences in colour or shade to the material of the dress won’t be noticed. See our Colour, Length and Edge guide for more detail.

Next is the length.  Bridal birdcage veils usually come in two main lengths. One is the shorter birdcage veil which is designed to cover the eyes – an example is our Grace birdcage veil, shown below.  The other is the longer length which usually covers the whole face, like our Darcie birdcage veil.

Ivory Bridal Birdcage Veil

Grace - Short Bridal Birdcage Veil

Then there is the type of netting used. Birdcage veils are usually supplied in one of three types of netting. French netting, Russian netting or English Merry Widow. French netting tends to be slightly softer with smaller diamonds (see our birdcage Carla as an example). Russian netting is generally slightly stiffer with larger diamonds (an example being our birdcage Delphine, shown below) and is similar to English Merry Widow.  Which to go for really depends on personal preference of feel against the face and how you personally want the veil to sit.

Ivory Bridal Birdcage

Delphine - Long Bridal Birdcage Veil

Finally are embellishments. The netting itself may be textured (see our Charlotte birdcage) or plain. Then there is the decoration. The choice here is endless – feathers, lace, ribbons, beads, pearls, diamante – and it completely depends what you want. Some people opt for a very simple flower, keeping it small and innocent. Others choose to go more glamourous with larger decorations, daring feathers and detailed beading. Again, this choice will depend on the overall look you are going for and the type of wedding dress you have chosen. A simple dress may be perfectly complimented by a more extravagant head piece, or alternatively the bride may want the whole look to remain simple so opt for an equally simply birdcage.  A more detailed wedding dress may not need much in the way of accessories so a simple birdcage ay be enough to finish off the look. Alternatively, the bride to be may be looking to make a statement in which case finding a birdcage veil with embellishments that match the detail of the dress may work best.

If you cannot see a birdcage veil which meets your requirements on our site, Arabella Bridal can of course make a custom bridal birdcage veil exactly as you want it. You choose the colour, length and embellishments and we will create your perfect veil for you. Just contact us for details.

A bespoke birdcage veil designed for you and named after you can be the ideal finishing touch to your dream wedding day.