Colour Guide

Colour Guide:

Matching exact shades of white, cream, ivory and gold is never an easy job. We therefore try to explain the difference between the colours of our birdcage veils and fascinators as best we can below so that you can choose the right colour to fit into your wedding day colour scheme. Do remember, if the shade is very slightly different from your wedding dress or other bridal accessories, don’t worry. With different lighting on the day, slight differences won’t be noticed.

White: Think of snow. This is a true, pure white with no hint of cream or ivory in it. If your wedding dress is described as ivory or cream this will be too white for you.

Ivory: This is the classic creamy tinted colour. This will suit wedding dresses described as ivory or off white, and for those looking to avoid a bright white colour.

Burgundy: This is a dark, purple tinted red, like the wine.

Cream: This is similar to our ivory colours but very slightly more yellowy. Think of vanilla ice cream. This will suits wedding dresses that are described as cream, or ivory/off white if they have a creamy, yellowy hint to them.

Photo Below: White (left) Ivory (Right)

Colours: White (left) - Ivory (right)
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