We have recently received lots of fabulous photos from some of our past customers that we’d love to share with you. I LOVE the diversity of styles that each of our brides have chosen – from stunning vintage crystal designs, to soft french netting birdcage veils, from heavily beaded detail to soft french lace, from bridesmaid floral garlands to simple bridal alice bands – each headpiece suited them perfectly. Thanks to all our lovely customers for letting us share these special pictures of them on their wedding day. You all look beautiful and we are so proud to have been part of your big day. Hannah xxxxx


Claire-1 Claire-2 Claire-4 Gemma-1 Gemma-2 Gemma-3 Gemma-4 image1 image2 image3 image5 image6 image8 Katie-1 Katie-2 Lisa-1 Lisa-2 Lisa-3 Lisa-4 Lisa-5 Lisa-6 Mhairi-2 Tessa-1 Tessa-2 Tessa-3 Tessa-4 Tessa-5 Tessa-6 Claire-5 Claire-6 Claire-7

Emma-1 Mhairi-1