The floral crown has made a big come back this year with brides and bridesmaids as well as for festival goers and sun lovers.  Floral crowns are a very versatile accessory as they can be designed and created as small, subtly designs with delicate pastel colours and small, gentle flowers, or big and loud with bold, bright colours and oversized flowers. They can be made from real or faux flowers, can be simply flowers or include other embellishments such as beads, pearls drapes, shells or trinkets, meaning each floral crown can really be personalised to suit the person wearing it and the day’s colour scheme and theme.

We use gorgeous silk and other fabric flowers to create our floral crowns, which means that our floral crowns can be kept for years to come and make a wonderful keepsake after they have been used. Easier to store than real flower floral crowns (which usually have to be refrigerated before use then only have a very limited lifespan) and unlike with real flower floral crowns which are obviously restricted to seasonal flowers available at that particular time of year, we can usually make or source most types and colour of flowers all year round.

See here a few examples of the types of floral crowns that we can make and don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in purchasing any or with any queries that you may have.

Floral Crown 1 Floral Crown 2 Floral-Crown-2(2) Floral-Crown-3 Floral-Crown-4 Floral-Crown-5