Finding those perfect accessories to match your dream wedding dress can be fun, if you find them easily. If not, it can quickly turn into a time consuming, stressful, tearful time.  Hours of trailing round shops. Hours of searching online. Hours of arguments with your bridesmaid, BFF and mother because they just don’t understand that no, that one is not a close enough match. Hours of tears because you just can’t find THAT piece that matches your dress.

Many of you brides-to-be out there will know exactly what we are talking about. Which is why Arabella Bridal offer a custom design service, where we make bespoke accessories to match your dress perfectly.  Our team of designers can look at your dress, listen to what you want, like and dislike, and create for you that perfect piece to match your dress. Whether that’s a small, subtle sparkly fascinator, a large statement hat, a purple and yellow spotted birdcage veil with peacock feathers and diamante edging – whatever you want, we can make it!  And this doesn’t stop at millinery – as well as fascinators and birdcage veils we can make ring cushions, belts, garters, corsages – we are indeed the queens of crafting when it comes to weddings!

Here are some examples of some bespoke fascinators and birdcage veils we have made to match brides dresses:

Ellen wanted a silver fascinator to go with her black dress for her Vegas weddding:

EllenThumbnailbespoke bridal birdcage veil

Pam was looking for lots of lace and sparkle to go with her gorgeous Benjamin Roberts wedding dress:


Also catering to mother-of-the-bride we made a lovely silver fascinator to go with Pam’s mum’s beautiful Iain Stuart dress:

Fascinator 2BirdcageVeil6

Donna wanted a custom made french bandeau style veil to accessorise her dress which looked amazing:


Kate had a gorgeous Pronovia’s lace shift dress. We made her a bespoke piece using lace to match the dress:

Kate & Barry 6Kate & Barry 4Kate & Barry 1

Sophie wanted a simple silk flower and birdcage veil which looked very striking:

Sophie ivory flower birdcage veilSophie ivory birdcage veilSophie ivory flower birdcage veil

We’ll be continuing our showcase of custom made bridal millinery in our next blog post…watch this space! xxx