Over the years, I’ve heard from so many brides who are unsure about whether they should where a veil or not. Some know from the outset that they want a long, traditional veil. Others know that they definitely don’t want that traditional veil but do want something in their hair, and others just don’t know at all.

There is no right and wrong – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Brides-to-be – it’s YOUR big day and so you need to choose whatever is going to make you feel most happy and confident. All we can tell you is what we’ve experienced and heard from past customers.

Not infrequently, we hear from brides-to-be at the 11th hour. These tend to be brides-to-be who don’t want a traditional veil, and so had decided against any headpiece. However, it gets close to the big day, and they suddenly realise that on the big day, they want to feel as special as possible and let’s face it – when else do you get to don a gorgeous birdcage veil or sparkly headpiece? Let’s be honest – it’s a great excuse to get glammed up and stand out from the crowd. If there’s ever a day you can do it – it’s certainly your wedding day!

What style to go for though? That can depend on many things – what style and colour of dress are you wearing? What about your hair – is it long, short, up, down, straight, curly, thick, thin….? How much do you like to be the centre of attention? What’s your usual style? Classic? Subtle? Loud and out there?

If you still just don’t know – get in touch. We’ve helped out many brides find their ideal headpiece and seen them glow on their big day.

So – if you’re not sure – just get in touch at info@arabellabridal.com and we can talk it through with you to help you find that dream piece!


Adding a touch of tartan helped tie this beautiful Greek bride’s headpiece in with the wedding’s colour scheme.
Birdcage veils can be versatile – wear it over the face, over the eyes or further back for a more subtle yet classic look.
For some brides, a simple headband or comb is all that’s required to finish off a dress. Sometimes, less is more….