I have recently had quite a few brides contacting me to ask about what to do with their birdcage veil during the meal and evening reception.  Whilst many brides now want to opt for a birdcage veil for the ceremony, and want to wear something in their hair all day and evening, they don’t necessarily want something over their face after the ceremony.  This is especially true of those who choose a longer birdcage veil which covers their nose and mouth (I mean, how are they supposed to kiss their hunky new hubbies with something covering their perfectly rouged lips?!)

Thankfully, birdcage veils tend to be very versatile and there are usually several ways that any one birdcage veil can be worn.  Whilst the traditional way to wear them is down over the face, others opt to wear them at the back of their head and many choose to wear them down during the day but tucked up like a fascinator after the ceremony.

Here is our birdcage veil Pamela – as you will see it is a long veil :


However, after the ceremony is over, the birdcage veil itself can simply be tucked under and held in place with a few kirby grips:


A couple of our past customers have taken this approach.  Pamela ordered a bespoke piece with lots of vintage lace, crystals and feathers, with a birdcage veil which she wore during the ceremony, but for the reception transformed it into a gorgeous cocktail fascinator by simply tucking the veil underneath:


Similarly, when she wore our Inga birdcage veil,  instead of wearing the veil over her eyes, Sofia chose to tuck the birdcage veil underneath for the whole day:


Similarly here is an example of is our “Pamela” veil. Whilst it was very much designed as a birdcage veil to cover the eyes and nose, it was recently used in a photoshoot and tucked up into a fascinator and looked great!


Lastly, bandeau style veils can be equally versatile. Whilst bandeau style veils are usually worn by attaching at each side and wearing the veil across the eyes (like our Imogen veil):


There are also other ways to wear it, as demonstrated by another lovely customer, Fiona. Fiona chose to have a bespoke bandeau veil made, with the embellishment in the form of a daisy to match her wedding ring, and wore it across the back, covering part of her hair. I think you’ll agree – it looks amazing!


So remember – there’s no “right” and “wrong” way to wear birdcage veils or fascinators – use your imagination, and lots of kirby grips, and get the most out of your headpiece!