This is often a big decision for brides – to go for the princess look using diamonds, daimante or Swarovski crystals or to go with the classic, vintage look that pearls can achieve.

The trend sways from one to the other – currently lots of lace on dresses is popular, and fortunately both diamonds or pearls compliment that nicely.  Similarly the good thing about diamonds and pearls is that they both work with ivory or white so no need to worry that one won’t go with the other.  Diamante can look amazing when put in the centre of flowers in a bouquet, but as you can see from our Elizabeth and Desiree fascinators, pearls can look equally beautiful spread amongst vintage roses.  Diamonds can catch the light and allow for some fantastic sparkles in the wedding photos, whilst pearls can help create the dreamy, softer image.

When it comes down to it, it’s personal preference.  The decision may be swayed by whatever your wedding dress is embellished with, or perhaps you have your heart set on wearing a particular piece of jewellery that you’d like everything to tie in with.  But of course, don’t rule out using both – either combining them together in your chosen outfit, or having a “costume change” on the day.  At my own wedding I wore a pearl necklace and pearl earrings during the day, then in the evening swapped to some diamond earrings and necklace to catch the lights on the dance floor – slightly diva-esque some may say, but hey – it’s YOUR big day, so make sure you wear whatever you want!!

Our bridal birdcage veils and fascinators can be made with either so when you order, simply let us know what you would like incorporated in the design and we’ll make sure it all ties in with your dress and accessories.