Ok – so it’s hard to believe it’s summer. The calendar says it is. The clocks say is.  The weather certainly does not say it is….however, one way you can be sure that it is…is by us letting you know that our Summer 2012 collection is being added to the website! 🙂  We’re very excited about showing you some of our latest designs.

We are also very excited to tell you about our new way of ordering. We have begun making some of our birdcage veils slightly differently than we used to, with the fascinator and birdcage veil being separate from each other, allowing you to choose your fascinator, choose your birdcage veil type, then mix and match!  The website will soon be updated to make these changes crystal clear and easy to use. Bear with us while we make these changes and for now, please don’t hestitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Meanwhile, have a peak at the first few items to be added…Kate, Chloe, Mara, Linda and for those of you who love roses and diamonds (now let’s face it, who doesn’t…!) – Niamh.  There are plenty more to follow so keep your eyes peeled!